06 Mar 2015
Whitby - Fishing
Vessel leaving Whitby Harbour

The commercial fishing fleet at Whitby Harbour consists of a mixed variety of vessels and fisheries. Ranging from large white fish trawlers to smaller day-fishing shellfish vessels.

The landing berths are immediately adjacent to the fish quay in the lower harbour and are accessible at most times (check navigation). The fish quay is 214m long allowing sufficient quay space for vessels to unload their catch simultaneously.

Fish market auctions take place on the modern refrigerated Whitby Fish Market with agents available to conduct selling and buying operations. These are not set to specific days but conducted to suit demand with the largest market on a Saturday morning.

Certain mooring areas of the harbour are reserved for commercial craft. Visiting fishing vessels are welcome with a full range of ancillary services and facilities available.

Whitby has a long and proud fishing heritage and the harbour authority is committed to maintaining and encouraging a prosperous future. Recent additions to the facilities include a chilled bait store, built in 2005, on the fish market and a shellfish holding facility built in 2008.

Charges are applicable on vessels moored in the harbour and on all fishery products landed.

Contact Details

Whitby Harbour Office
Endeavour Wharf
YO21 1DN

Tel: 01947 602354
Fax: 01947 600380

Email: port.services@scarborough.gov.uk

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